Who is Anthony

Hey how’s it going, the name is Anthony Morris. Thanks for taking time to stop by my website, Jazz Magazine. If you haven’t noticed by the name alone, this blog is made for appreciation of the music genre, jazz.

My City

Let me share a little bit about my self. I am 35 years old and I live in San Francisco. I play in a local jazz band, The Kilkenny and we play at numerous jazz restaurants like Bix, Biscuits and Blues, Club Deluxe, and Yoshi’s through out the week. We make decent money, but that not what it’s really about. I just love music, preferably jazz, but anything to with music just gets me going.


I play the trombone, jazz guitar, and piano. I first learned to play the trombone in elementary school from my father. He played in a local band for as long as I can remember, they were called the Jim and the Blue Boy’s. He also taught me how to play guitar too and eventually taught my self-how to play piano when I was in high school. You could say that my family is musically talented; my mother was a singer and dancer.

To me music is more than just a hobby it’s my friend. In high school whenever I was stressed out or feeling down I would sit in my room and began to play an instrument. Loosing my all of my worries and problems to the music. I also believe music is the best way to bring people together. I can even begin to tell you how many fascinating people and friends I have met through jazz.

If you’re ever in San Francisco and would like to come see my band play send me an email here if you love jazz music and want to learn more about it this blog is the place to be. I will be posting content to this website as much as possible.